Juniors - Molecules to Boys B - Toronto May 26-28, 2017

Boys B
Fri 26 7:45PM vs Anapilis, Res Parish,
Sat 27 11AM vs Kovas, Iona Secondary,
Sat 27 1:30PM vs Lituanica, Iona Secondary

Boys C
Fri 26 6:30PM vs Anapilis, Res Parish,
Sat 27 9:30AM or 10:45AM TBD vs TBD, Res Parish

Boys D
Sat 27 8:30AM vs Anapilis A, John Cabot, - updated May 24
Sat 27 2:45PM vs Lituanica B, John Cabot

Mixed E
Fri 26 6:30PM vs Anapilis, Anapilis Gym,
Sat 27 11AM vs Lituanica, John Cabot,
Sat 27 1:30PM vs Zaibas, John Cabot

All Sunday games TBD based on preliminary game results

Thanks to Etobicoke Basketball and our friends and neighbours who brought players to play for Ausra! Glad to have 4 teams entered in this year's tournament and thanks to Anapilis for doing a great job hosting. Come out to watch and support your club!


Seniors - Boys A to Mens A - Hamilton June 2-4


2015 Senior ŠALFASS

2015 Senior ŠALFASS Sporto Svente – Cleveland, OH – June 5th, 6th and 7th.


Our combined Boys A and B squad fought hard and defeated Detroit in double overtime 48-47 to secure third place!

Back row: Steve Miečius, Daniel Heintzman, Joey Buožis, Linas Gabrys, Aidas Slapšys, Coach Ray Valadka, Andriejus Sukauskas, Ben Stonkus

Front row: Mattiejus Halpin, Matas Biskys



2014 Senior ŠALFASS

The 2014 LAUNA annual games will be held in Toronto, May 23-25. The games were organized by the Canadian-Lithuanian Sports Federation. Head of the games was Rimas Kuliavas and Honorary Chair is Toronto “Raptors” and Lithuanian National Team star, Jonas Valančiūnas.

Aušra Women - Silver Medal

Standing: Lance Chomyc, Erin Valickis, Nerija Sungaila, Nadine Chomyc, Rima McCullogh, Viktorija Benotas, Vic Simkus

Sitting: Daina Simkus, Kyley Stevenson


Aušra Mens A - Bronze Medal

Coach Stasys Kuliavas, Paulius Sergautis, Tony Wroblicky, Alex Petronis, Algis Akstinas, Evaldas Zabas, Matas Tirilis, Brandon (Kestutis) Baronaitis, Justin (Vacy) Baronaitis. 


Boys A (2 teams)

The Ausra Boys A team merged with Boys B this year, with the assistance from two of our Girls A players, and formed two teams shown in Red and Black.  They competed and performed extremely well against two EBA All Star teams at Senior SALFASS.

Standing - Aidas Slapsys, Joey Buožis, Simas Punkris, Lucas Kartavičius. Dziugas Nausėdas, Michael Mikolainis, Linas Gabrys , Coach Ray Valadka, Tomas Kuliavas. Tomas Kevėža, Andrius Dauginis

Second Row (crouching) Matiejus Halpin, Mykolas Halpin

Front Row - Tauras Zenkevičius, Matas Biskys, Alexis Kartavičius, Daniela Sablinskas, Adomas Grybas
Missing Coach Brandon (Kestutis) Baronaitis

2014 Junior ŠALFASS Basketball Tournament

May 17-18, 2014 Detroit, MI

Aušra Boys C - Bronze Medal

Back Row:   Coach Vyts Baronaitis, Matthew Wytiuk, Ben Stonkus, Antanas Norkus
Middle Row:  Erika Ryan, Joris Meiklejohn, Andriejus Sukauskas, Daniel Duz, Raymond Juodis, Galen Vaidila
Front Row:  Richard Briand, Julian Defina, Aras Janeliūnas


2012 ŠALFASS Basketball Tournament Results - ŠALFASS Basketball Tournament Rules - see bottom of page for addendum

2012 SENIOR ŠALFASS GAMES - New Jersey - May 26-27, 2012


Our Women's team brought home some Silver, while Mens "A" won Bronze!

2012 JUNIOR ŠALFASS GAMES - Cleveland, OH - May 19-20, 2012


Congratulations to our Girls D team for capturing Silver (and missing Gold by 1 point)!

Additional details are posted on the ŠALFASS website: www.salfass.org

Toronto - May 28 and 29, 2011 -

2009 Junior ŠALFASS Tournament Medals - Hamilton - May 16-17 - Click here for ŠALFASS Results (updated May 21)

Girls C - GOLD

Erika Kišonas, Christina Petronis, Alicia Dauginis, Olivia Kamaitis, Daniela Sablinskas, Justina Melkis, Simone Pabreza, Viktoria Tatarsky

Girls D - GOLD

Back: Coach Arūnas, Coach Rima, Sophia Herrera, Livija Čygas, Nida Nausėdas, Coach Romas   Front: Julia Marcinkevičius, Alexa Turūta, Emma Harvey  On floor: Daniele Dresher

Boys B - Bronze

Back: Coach Greg Timmons, Daniel Varela, Tomas Pylypiv, Korey Wolkensperg, Vytas Simkus, Coach John Strumila
Front: Paul Brazukas, Justin Turuta, Justin Strumila, Darius Sablinskas

2009 Senior ŠALFASS Tournament Medals

Women's - Bronze

Front: Beatriz.Castano,Viktorija Bendonaite, Ruta Kardauskaitė
Second Row: Ona Stanevičiutė, Erin Valickaitė
Third Row: Gwyneth Pryse-Phillips,  Gvina Prise  ,Rasa Slavinskaitė


Other 2009 Tournament Photos

Women:  Boys A:  Boys B:  Girls C:

Girls D:   Molecules: 




2008 Junior ŠALFASS Tournament Medals - Click for complete results

Girls D - GOLD


Girls C - SILVER

Girls B - BRONZE

2008 Senior ŠALFASS Tournament Medals - Click for complete results

Mens Junior A - BRONZE

Women - BRONZE




2007 ŠALFASS SENIOR (Men and Jr A) Basketball - New York City - June 8-10th, 2007

http://www.nylak.com/zaidynes.shtml  Follow the link for details.

2007 ŠALFASS MASTERS Basketball Tournament - RESULTS

2007 ŠALFASS JUNIOR Basketball Tournament - May 19th and 20th, 2007 - Cleveland, OH

Click here for complete Tournament Results

Aušra won 4 Medals - 1 Gold, 1 Silver and 2 Bronze

 Girls 'D' -  Gold,  Girls 'B' - Silver,  Mixed ' E' - Bronze,  Boys 'C' - Bronze


Congratulations to our Girls D team for working hard all year, going undefeated and taking the top prize in Cleveland! 

The scores were, Aušra 42 - Anapilis 20, Aušra 26 - Lituanica 18 and Aušra 22 - Žaibas 17 in the final.

Back row:  Kristina Garbaliauskas (Asst. Coach), Alicia Dauginis, Leah Evershed, Olivia Kamaitis, Elena Zubrickas, Alvin Kišonas (Coach)

Front row:  Daniela Sablinskas, Simone Pabreza, Justina Melkis, Erika Kišonas, (missing Victoria Tatarsky)

Tournament Photos

Molecules :

Mixed E:

Girls D :  

Boys D :

Boys C :

Other photos :

If you have some photos from the Cleveland games, please send them to danaitis@primus.net and we will post them here.


ŠALFASS:  2007 Masters Basketball Tournament - March 31st and April 1st, 2007 - Toronto, ON

CONGRATULATIONS TO CLEVELAND ŽAIBAS for winning the Masters Tourney!

Teams: Toronto Aušra, Hamilton Kovas, Hamilton Vytis, Cleveland Žaibas

Saturday March 31st – Games at Resurrection Parish

Game #





Ausra vs Kovas




Vytis vs Zaibas




Ausra vs Zaibas




Kovas vs Vytis



Sunday April 1st – Games at Bishop Allen Academy

Game #





Ausra vs Vytis




Zaibas vs Kovas




Bronze Medal.  3rd vs 4th


Ausra defaulted – no healthy bodies left




Gold Medal. 1st vs 2nd




Zaibas 69

Vytis 60



ŠALFASS Basketball Tournament Rules

2011 Rule Addendum

LAUNA games will be governed by National Federation basketball rules, which are used by referees in the U.S. and Canada in high school and modified for men‘s league.

1. REGULATION TIME – All games are stop time (unless noted otherwise) Men‘s A, B and Veterans – two (2) twenty-minute halves. Junior A, B and C – four (4) eight-minute quarters.  For Junior D, E and Molecules – six (6) four-minute period, running time, and one eight-minute period with the last two (2) minutes stop time. Update for 2011- For Junior D, E and Molecules games, the clock will stop for foul shots and time outs.

2. HALF-TIME There will be a five (5) minute intermission at the half with a one-minute break between periods, if any. Half time in Junior D, E and Molecules will be after fourth period.

3. OVERTIME Tie games after regulation will be extended with a three-minute overtime (men will play the first overtime only for five (5) minutes), then after a one-minute rest additional three-minute overtime periods will be played until the game is decided. All overtimes are stop time. An additional timeout is given to each team for any and all overtime periods.

4. DEFAULTS There is a 15-minute default time period from the published start time – five players must be dressed to start. Should there be any extenuating circumstances, then this default can be waived by complete agreement of the two coaches involved and the division convenor.