This 6 and 7 year old mixed group is filled with fun and enthusiasm!  Fundamental basketball skills are emphasized with a focus on good sportsmanship and personal fitness.  Team play and on-court strategies are introduced at this level. 

2015-2016 Season

Stephen Cropper
Molecules - Most Improved

William Paz - Molecules - Most Dedicated

2009-2010 Season

Coach - Alvin Kišonas
Practice 6:30 - 7:30pm

Congratulations go to our Molecules team participating in their first Salfass tournament, they played with loads of enthusiasm!

Aistis Meiklejohn, Gytis Nausėdas, Andrius Kišonas, Raimondas Juodis, Kristoforas Vaidila, Alvin Kišonas, Diana Juodis


2008-2009 Season

Years of Birth - 2001 and 2002

Coaches - Rasa Malinauskas, Kevin Briand, Alfredas Janeliūnas

SALFASS photos!

Another fun practice!


Our Molecules played their first ever "real" game on Sunday April 5th, 2009!  Looks like they plenty of fun.

Many thanks to our coaches Vytas Šimkus, Rasa Malinauskas-McLean and Alfred Janeliunas for their efforts this season! (Lest we forget Coach Kevin too, not in photo)


2007-2008 Season

Years of Birth - 2000 and 2001

Coach - Aras Nausėdas, Paulius Sukauskas, Frank DeFina, Kevin Briand, Alfredas Janeliūnas

2006-2007 Season

Years of Birth - 1999 and 2000

Coach - Aras Nausėdas, Paulius Sukauskas, Vida Kairys, Frank DeFina

2006-2007 Aušra Molecules

 2005-2006 Season

Years of Birth - 1998 and 99

Coach - Rima Dresher

 2004-2005 Season Notes

Years of Birth - 1997 and 98

Coaches - John Putrimas and Arūnas Čygas

The pictures were from an exhibition game between Ausra and Toronto Triple Threat. The game took place at the parish on Saturday. Ausra's players were 8 and under from both the Molecules and E teams. The Triple Threat team is an OBA Novice team which comprises 9 and 10 year olds. Triple Threat won.

 What to wear and bring

Molecules, please make sure you go to the bathroom before practices so we can have more playing time.

 2003-2004 Season Notes

Coaches - John Putrimas, Ray Valadka and Arūnas Čygas

ŠALFASS 2004 Photos

 2002-2003 Season Notes

Coaches - Alvin Kišonas and Ray Valadka

 2003 Photos 

  - Game photos courtesy of Ray Valadka

Photos from our first game versus Anapilis, February 11, 2003.  A great defensive effort by our team, just didn't get the breaks on offense.  Keep up the hard work, the points will come... quick passes, good positioning, help out...

 2001-2 Season Photos