If you don't play in a competitive or house league, here's your chance to receive some formal instruction and experience hockey fun with your Ausra friends that do.   If you do play competitively, you will definitely appreciate the ice time and learn a few things too!   We also help find equipment to borrow if you just want to try it out.

Ages - 8  to 14 (exceptions are made for younger players with full equipment that play in an organized league)

ALL ABILITY LEVELS ARE WELCOME - including players wearing equipment for the FIRST TIME - our practices are tailored to all levels

Toronto Klevo Lapai coaches - Wally Dauginis, Alvin Kišonas, Ed Ginčauskas, Romas Biskys, Derek Smith and Fred Duz

Aušra Junior Hockey 2013

Most Improved Player - Cecilia Ginčauskas

Most Sportsmanlike Player - Lukas Rudaitis

Most Dedicated Player - Joris Meiklejohn

Aušra Junior Hockey 2012

Most Improved Player - Richard Briand

Most Sportsmanlike Player - Julian Defina

Most Dedicated Player - Justinas Ginčauskas

Aušra Junior Hockey 2011

Thanks to all who registered this year!

Most Improved Player - Aleksas Smith

Most Sportsmanlike Player - Andrius Kišonas

Most Dedicated Player - Andrius Balsas

We had 7 great sessions at Lambton Arena.  Thanks to the City of Toronto for providing us with terrific ice times again this year.


Aušra Junior Hockey 2010

We had a successful end to our 2010 season April 28th with 17 kids.   All feasted on chips and juice and traded hockey cards into the night (roughly 20 mins after our session ended since we had to vacate the dressing room).

Viktoras Nausedas and Tomas Biskys - Most Dedicated

Vincent Balcita - Most Sportsmanlike

Joris Meiklejohn - Most Improved

2010 Photos




We had four Monday and three Wednesday dates all in prime time at Central or Lambton Arena in Etobicoke, are both very nice rinks and were extremely fortunate to get such terrific ice times.

Wed March 10 - CENTRAL - 6:30-7:30 early start be there at 6 to register!
no march break practice
Mon March 22 -LAMBTON - 7-8
Mon March 29 - LAMBTON - 7-8
Wed April 07 - LAMBTON - 7-8 not Easter monday
Mon Apr 12 - LAMBTON - 7-8
Mon Apr 19 - LAMBTON - 7-8
Wed Apr 28 - CENTRAL - 7-8 prizes, back at Central
ps. If you need skates or are missing some equipment, let me know and I can probably get you what you need if you can't borrow it from someone.  Full equipment is strongly recommended.  A helmet, skates and stick are manditory.



2009 Aušra Junior Hockey

We allowed players ages 7 and 8 that are enrolled in a recognized hockey program this year and already have full equipment.

The practice sessions were held at Central Arena on Montgomery Rd in Etobicoke on

Wed March 11- 630-730
Mon March 23 - 7-8
Mon March 30 - 7-8
Mon April 6 - 7-8
Wed April 15 - 7-8
Mon April 27 - 7-8


Here's some action from the first session on March 11th.

2008 Season Notes

Back row: Toronto Klevo Lapai coaches Wally Dauginis, Ed Ginčauskas, Juozas Zenkevičius, Alvin Kišonas, Romas Biskys (Coach Larry Richardson not in photo)


Photos from our 4th practice April 8th, 2008.

  - thanks to Ray Valadka, Alvin Kišonas and Jurgis Kairys for the photos

 The kids met the Latvian National Standing Amputee Team - ranked 4th in the World and will play in the Olympics and World Championships!   They played the Toronto Latvian Baltic League team to a 2-2 draw after our practice, a hard fought game.

Scrimmage and group shots

2008 practices took place Tuesdays at Lambton Arena, near Scarlett Rd/Humber River and Dundas St. in Toronto.   The dates and times were as follows;
Tuesday March 18, 6:30-7:30pm
Tuesday March 25, 6:30-7:30pm
Tuesday April 1, 7-8pm
Tuesday April 8, 7-8pm
Tuesday April 15, 7-8pm
Tuesday April 22, 7-8pm

2008 Ausra Junior Hockey team

The same rules apply as last year except we will be collecting rink fees up front, primarily to reduce our administration time and ensure no shows are still collected.  We'd like to keep the fees at $90 for all 6 sessions and would therefore like to see everyone back from last year and gladly welcome any new players too.    The rates we were charged escaped the proposed rental increase, so take advantage of this terrific value.

Each player is responsible to bring a helmet with face cage, hockey stick, hockey skates and protective shin/elbow/shoulder pads and gloves (not necessarily hockey gear).    This will be a no contact experience and will focus again on improving skills at 3 levels, beginner, intermediate and advanced.
We could also use a couple of goalies this year so if you know of a friend who would like to come out and play free, please let me know (they pay enough for equipment already)

 2006-2007 Season Notes

Season closed:  Practices were held at Erin Mills Twin Arena, Monday April 2nd, 16th and 23rd and was open to boys and girls of all skill levels. 

Thanks to all for making this new programme a success!

Aušra Junior Hockey

Back row: Toronto Klevo Lapai coaches Wally Dauginis, Juozas Zenkevičius, Ed Ginčauskas, Alvin Kišonas and Larry Richardson